In order to be able to handle payment cards in public transport, the use of certified contactless readers with approved software is required. You have to follow a regulatory framework defined by the trademark associations (MasterCard / Visa). The payment card number is converted (tokenized) into a non-sensitive identifier that is used within the system. In public transport, there are two different ways to get paid.

  • MTT (Mass Transit Transaction). In this case, transactions ("tap") are collected from the contactless reader (validator) and sent to a central system (PSP – backend) where they are stored. On a daily basis, a combined transaction is sent to the acquiring bank with all trips made during the day with any price adjustment (discount).
  • KFT (Known Fare Transaction). In this case, the amount is determined in the contactless reader at the time of the transaction and the transaction is sent to the central system, and then directly to the acquiring bank.

Modular systems can provide a variety of contactless readers / validators:

  • OPEN series – for integration into other validators
  • "puck" – for plug in to existing ticket systems
  • Fx 925 – complete validator with display and 2D reader
  • Axium / LINK – handheld validation/payment equipment