The service department with around 20 employees is located in Häggvik, Sollentuna.

Our service technicians are based in their place of residence. This makes our work more efficient, which means that we can be on site with our customers more quickly after a fault report.

With our expertise, we solve both emergency problems and maintenance from system level to the smallest detail in the field with very short response times when needed and agreed service level. We are the customer's representative in the field and cooperate with e.g. the transport operator's staff in a positive and friendly spirit. We understand the importance of Modulsystem being representative and acting professionally in all our contact areas so we both are and are perceived as the best choice for you as a customer.

Our service technicians have high competence and experience of the equipment installed regarding hardware and software as well as associated communication technology. We use specially equipped vehicles, tools, laptops etc. Our service technicians also have special training such as tunnel authorization, hot work, eco driving etc.

Modulsystem has its own helpdesk and support which handles customer issues, answers questions and coordinates service assignments, etc.