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Payment systems

Modulsystem has for decades developed and provided ticketing and payment systems for the parking and public transportation industry. We are a leading pioneer and specialist in this field: Our systems that are widely used and are renowned for reliability. Modulsystem works with the latest technologies such as NFC, mobile apps etc.

The Swedish train operator, SJ AB is a major and long-standing customer. Modulsystem have developed and provided a complete self-service ticketing system based on contact-less cards (Resekortet – Travel Card). This system has been in use since 2000 and Modul-System continues to provide expertise in the areas of development, service, maintenance, operation and management of the system.
Modul-System supply different types of small hand-held control devices. These are used in public transport to inspect and validate contactless travel cards. Modulsystem also offers the different types of very small handheld computer with all the hardware and interfaces required to achieve good performance while remaining small and flexible.
Modulsystem have supplied SL, public transport operator in Stockholm county with 10000 handheld devices for on-board use on trams, local trains etc. The conductor’s equipment, BKU, handles validation of SL Access transport card used by SL.


Modulsystem Sweden AB

Hammarbacken 12
191 49 Sollentuna

Tel: 08-506 301 00

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